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Department of Surgical Gastroenterology plays a major role with efficient team of surgeons who with their dedicated and skillful work try to eliminate many cancerous and non-cancerous pathological conditions which causes danger to the life of patients , Apart from this the Department works for Clinical Trials which is a part of Clinical Research associated with many Multi National Companies Working out for a Noble Cause . Many Trials are carried on for eliminating the Post Operative complications after Major Open Abdominal Surgeries.

Ongoing Study

Clinical Trial with AVE5026 compound which is a new ultra � low molecular weight heparin ( ULMWH) with a novel antithrombotic profile resulting from a high

Anti- Xa activity associated with a residual anti � thrombin activity .

The study is a Multinational , Multicenter , Randomized , Double Blind Study comparing the Efficacy and safety of AVE5026 with enoxaparin for the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Patients Undergoing Major Abdominal Surgery.

Post operative thromboembolism is a major complication found in most of the patients undergoing surgery .Hence this study is being conducted with the objective of establishing a preventive measure for Venous Thromboembolism in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery.

Department of Hepatology involved in a clinical trials in association with many multinational CRO companies (BMS,NOVARTIS).

At present 3 studies are going on. The trials especially are dealing with Hepatitis-B which is a silent killer.

Trials are open label, response adoptive studies of the trial drug in adults with HBeAg positive or negative compensated Chronic Hepatitis B.

The purpose of the studies are to evaluate the antiviral efficacy of add-on trial drugs in non-responders by HBV DNA non detectability (PCR= 300 copies/ml).

To evaluate percentage of patients with HBeAg loss & HBeAg seroconversion (defined as a loss of HBe Ag and a gain of detectable level of HBe Ab) during study period.