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Department of Transfusion Medicine

Blood Bank caters to the blood needs of patients admitted in our hospital

We collect whole blood from voluntary and directed donors-.separte the blood into its components-packed cells,plasma,fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate,platelet rich plasma and platelet concentrate- store them in specified condition and supply them to the needy patients.

We have vitros (ortho)equiepment which can do the viral screening of the donors blood in one hour and supply the blood to the needy patients.

We are using column agglutination technology for crossmatching tests.

We have storage chambers to store blood and its components at 2 � 6 degees centigrade, -40 degree centigrade, - 80 degree centigrade and 22 degree centigrade platelet aggitator / incubator.

Faculty along with their qualification, Subspeciality interest if any:

Blood bank is managed by two qualified medical officers with 20 years , 10 years experience in blood banking-specially trained in blood banking practices.

We have sufficient experienced staff to manage the blood bank.

Faculty Members

Dr. S. Anuradha Sekaran MD, DNB, MNAMS,
HOD Pathology

Services available :

We have Apheresis equipment and Preparing Platelets by Apheresis.

We can do Plasma Exchange Transfusion , Plasma pheresis and Granulocyte pheresis to the needy patients and their donors.