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Department of Biochemistry

The Biochemistry Lab is located in the building of Asian Institute Of Gastroenterology Basic Sciences. This laboratory provides 24 hr diagnostic facilities. A total of nearly 250 blood samples from two intensive care units, different wards and OPDs are processed everyday. In the clinical chemistry Lab which works round the clock, emergency investigations like arterial blood gas analysis, blood sugar, urea, Lipid profile, Renal function test etc., are being done using automated machines. A monthly turnover of approximately 25,000 tests is enough to show the efficiency of the Lab.

The Laboratory is registered under External Quality Control Programme conducted by Randox Laboratories U.K and Twin cities association of Biochemist's � Inter Laboratory immunoassay comparision programme (TAB � IICP) for hormones and tumor markers

Faculty Members

Dr. G Deepika MD
Consultant Biochemist

Services / Instruments available :

We have state of art equipment with bidirectional interface to ensure data integrity.

Randox Daytona automated clinical chemistry analysers
Randox Imola Automated Clinical chemical analyser
Siemens Blood gas analyser
Instalyte plus Na/K/CI/analyser
ERBA LISA � 5 � Elisa Reader
Colorimeters for manual estimations
Sysmex CA 50 coagulometer.

In addition to routine biochemical tests, special investigations like Coagulation profile, Thrombotic profile (Protein C, Protein S and Anti � thrombin III), Anaemia profile (Iron TIBC, B12 and Folate), Auto immune pancreatitis marker IgG4, PBG, Copper, Ceruloplasmin are being done using automated machines. Hormones assays � Thyroid profile, Tumor markers like AFP, CEA, CA 19.9, CA 125, PSA etc., are being analysed on automated immunoassay system.